Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hair and Haunted

I had always wanted to visit a haunted house filled with many scary, broken, bloodied corpses like statues. Figures of vampires rising from the coffin and the ever so clich├ęd bloodied mummy.
Today, I and my cousins went to the nearest haunted house and decided to “get scared”.
Filled with anticipation, the three of us stepped inside the dark corridor and were greeted by a little green monster, awash in red light. Dismissing it faintly, though my ten year old cousin thought it was a good opportunity to scream, we walked further only to find our legs caught in a flurry of gloved hands. With thumping hearts, we stuck to the instruction of following the red arrows when they promptly disappeared.
Now was the time for the “brave-heart” me to freak out citing reasons varying from getting a heart attack to getting lost in the maze and dying of getting scared. So we decided (after I had amply scared my ten year old sis with my ideas) to turn back and were greeted by the very amused doorman.
The bemused man then offered to accompany us and we followed him, relieved to an extent.
Personally I am scared shit of the “haunted and scary” and this episode did nothing to boost my Leo ego.Sheesh!
So I kept a straight eye on the man’s yellow T shirt, ignoring the creaks and the screams and the jumping goblins and werewolves. It was only when I saw the light at the other end that I rushed out to safety.
This cannot be said for my sisters who enjoyed a full view and experience of the haunted house and even managed to get a skeleton walk after them, occasionally tousling their hair or grabbing their hands or feet. Personally I think he was just a lecherous skeleton, trying to enjoy some moments off the grave..!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Construction and the ITCH

My days pass in a blur as the labour zooms around the house, taking down walls, cementing the holes, ripping off floors and putting on new ones. The dust that plagues the house has now become a constant companion. So everyday as I step out of the bath, I am greeted by a large cloud of cement dust, which does not stop from roughing up newly conditioned hair.
If you think sitting in a locked room is cleaner still, the condition worsens with the bed clogging with dust, the floor turning from a smooth white to a mucky brown. The whole air around the house is filled with the nauseating aura of cement, machinery and rocks.
I valiantly survive each day, eagerly waiting for the end result where the house will look all new and shiny.
Can't wait!!



Monday, August 16, 2010

In sickness and in health

The renovation at my grandparent's house is in full swing with dirt and debris cluttering the house.Now my room has been taken over by the forces of the labour and I am resorted to sit in my makeshift bedroom, the drawing room.Improvising on the situation, I created a door with suitcases and dragged the mattress all the way from the bedroom to the living room.So now, my room has 24x7 fridge access which my previous self would have loved but the new diet conscious me, resents.
Another development on the writing front is the publishing of my article on the Mumbai underworld in the university's online newspaper, Indian Fusion.Yay!
Coming to the point, in sickness and in health has no marital annotations as I am a mere victim of food poisoning thanks to my granny's birthday. Stuffing goodies in my mouth has never been so expensive as it has been now. And neither have I managed to become so familiar with the toilet as I have now become, a regular visitor to it since four in the morning. So here I am, in sickness and in health, typing away happily! My only bliss.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rain Rain, the Rain Pain

It was just another hot and sultry day as the two of us walked the grounds of the Metro Walk mall(for no other better choice of words) window shopping to our heart’s delights. With inputs from many girls in the hostel we checked out the display of jewellery, fawned over the new clothes and gushed over the soft toys that were at display(How I wish I had them!).
After two hours of seemingly mindless walking around, we decided to head back to our college and much to our delight it started drizzling. As the thick droplets fell around us, we scrambled to hire an auto and rush back in when a creepy guy came up to us.
He started in coherently explain to us that he was a driver of taxi in our college and rather emphasized on the part where he came and went and came and went and came and went.
As it was getting darker, we ignored him and walked towards the auto farthest away from him, but he followed us there and when we walked away, he called after us, even walking following us for some time.
Disgusted, we crossed the road and as the rainfall became harder, we searched in vain for a ride back to college when another auto from the creepy guy’s concierge came and offered to drop us back. So on our way back, as the rain poured even more heavily, the poor auto driver apologized for the behavior of his ‘friend” saying he was stone drunk.
Funnily enough, it was later in the evening, while chatting with a friend that we came to a realization that the drunk man who so openly misbehaved with us was none other than the lone driver of our university’s buggy, known for his roving eye and “connections” within the college admin.
Thanks to his connections, he has a free reign in the college and thanks to the strong student community, we all avoid him.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


For all the fashionistas in the town, this movie is a must watch. Peppered with clothes from Dior, Louis Voutton and Gucci, it is a visual treat to behold the designs and the ensemble of haute couture the movie fits in its running time. The sets have been impeccably designed and Delhi had never looked so much better with the roads of def colony and Hauz khas on the show. The houses are a tribute to the Delhi elite and the cast has the brats and frats of the rich, driving around, taking in multiple shots and air kissing everyone.
Technically, Rhea kapoor, has made it into a slug fest of everything girly, from the dresses, interiors and the dialogues. Sonam Kapoor rises above her last film and delivers a passably nice performance and Abahy deol charms his way into the female hearts with his dimples and smile.
The story is flawless, an adaptation of Emma and the music is new, filled with zest and zing.
There are few flaws, with people forgetting to emote and choosing a weird looking actor to play the part of a hunk(although he does have a HOT body) and bad jokes.
Ira dubey, as the faithful sidekick is by far the best as is Cyrus  Sahukar who keeps up the fun tempo in the film. The love story between the main characters is somewhat smudged in the whole film and lacks the typical bollywood essence to it.
A fairly decent movie and one which leaves you filled with a sense of girlish pleasure in you and awakes that dormant fahionising girl you put to sleep.
So girls! Go and have fun!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hostel and Rain

And so i am back in hostel, a new dingy environment, the same roomie, new posters and a new mess staff.Hostel Life is still the same. 
Having shifted to another hostel building in a worse state than the previous one makes me miss the old hostel a lot but being back with the same old roomie cushions the blow. I guess, people do matter.
And to talk about the Delhi rain, it hit us suddenly as we stood outside the hostel. The thick droplets hit me hard on the face and I was overcome by temptation to dance in the rains a la bollywood style, but better sense prevailed and I just chose to enjoy it as it was. And then I got an emergency call and went off to rescue a friend from the torrent of rain.
So here I am, sitting in my newly furnished hostel from stolen furniture from every nook and cranny of the hostel and enjoying the weather.Hope it chills soon.!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Madge's Birthday outfit

Seeing how really bored and useless our media is we have another feeble attempt at finding an Indian connection in the global media.And it comes from none other than Madonna, the freakishly old, wannabe singer. So it is up to the Indian media to publicise this "feat" by the designer duo Shane and Falguni Peacock who have Cheryl Cole, fergie and Lady Gaga as their celebrity clientele in Hollywood.
It is good that these two get to explore new opportunities and pave their way into Hollywood and most importantly into the international fashion scene.I can't wait for an Indian brand to become as famous as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Valentino!
But then again the sheer stupidity of the whole Madge outfit story is the fact that her boyfriend,Jesus Luz intends it to be a "surprise" for her.Gee, great! announcing it to the world is a BIG surprise!
So dear Madge, On your Birthday, all the way from India...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

CWG training and Happy bday SJ!

And then it was time for the Role specific training...! Despite what I had thought and hoped for it was pure technical work..! Arrgh! Yes, it was the low pointy of the training session that was highly sleep inducing and way to boring.
another highlight was the annoying Amity University whose reputation has hit a rock bottom in my mind.The pathetic canteen which was all show and no work, the horrible food, costly stuff and the muffin with a spider in it.! I wonder where the money goes..??
So it was upto SJz birthday to save the day as we roamed the travails of GIP nodia, a mall par excellence. We roamed around for a whole hour, laughed our heads off and inducted a new member in the PJ club! All in good fun..!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

College Blues

It has been two days since college began and life has never been busier.With no hostel for many and few in the offing, we have been reduced to mere street walkers. Rushing from one metro to other, changing trains, keeping the hairstyle perfect and the dress in check, it has never been so tiring.
With the advent of third year, the college looked gloomier than ever and adding to the sense of impending doom is the lack of those friendly faces of our seniors. Many changes have been around the college, most not good. So this session is a gloomy one to begin with and adding to the woes are classes on saturdays(arrrgh!!!!)
Despite it all, life had never been better with my friends of 2 years now(My longest ever!!).And it has been a season of discovering something new about them and loving them all over again..!! A special mention to them, Klasic, Sam2, Sonu, Custard, Sanchi and Rinkz. Love you all!
and yes to add to my troubles is the fact that i cannot continue my long manicure regimes, have no jute chappals and no jhola for my indian wear.
And then the damned MHC which make this one person so alluring..sheesh!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

5th sem

Tomorrow is the advent of yet another semester adding to the list of my college years. As usual I start this ear with the annual newsletter of our society for which I am so proud!!
Adding to the back-to-school list is yet another shopping spree, traversing the lanes of flea markets and the rooms of high end stores like Westside and Lifestyle. A new haircut and I am raring to go.
There is another anticipation this year as another batch of seniors left the school and we are the 2nd most senior class.Nostalgia will flood the first few days as will excitement over a news tart, new books(really..???), movies, friends etc. And with my birthday just 12 days away,I am all for enjoying the last of my teens.
So,all plans for the commute are made, lip gloss in place, kohl all lined up, a trendy bag in tow and a brand new start!
Seems like my roomie and bestie Klasic will be out for few day and she will be sorely missed.Especially our lazy sessions in the room, watching movies together, chatting on the Internet while being in the same room, working together and the heart-to-hearts we share.Luv u and hope u come fast!