Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Punjab, with Love

Last week the first wedding of the family's wedding season Kicked off with my cousin getting hitched in Amritsar. It was a standard affair with loud raucous, wild dances and heavy party food. The highlight of the event was the absence of single cousins and only three of us turned up.So we were bunched up with the kids on the sidelines. The new family generation has finally sprung up with my latest niece being born just a day before the festivities kicked off.With a tally of six, I now have a healthy brood of young kids who i can finally call cute(I am tempted to kick other small kids).
I fell in love with Punjab last week. The atmosphere, the happy go lucky people, the feel of the environment and the FOOD! The place has to be on the list of everyone's Top Places to Visit. En route to Amritsar, we encountered roadside eateries which balanced their lack of hygiene with pure charismatic smile and hospitality. The many mustard fields on either side of the road reminded me of DDLJ and many suck movies.Trucks with funny quotes on them and the incomprehensible Punjabi language, where my exploits with it left many of the elders in hysterics!!
A funny thing about this state is the way people start dancing.At first it is scary and then becomes funny when they start making loud noises in tune with the music. I still fail to understand why people in Punjab find it necessary to lift their foot up, wave their hands and jump in sync with each other. Such jumps are sometimes followed by an intense exercise routine on the floor a la sit ups. At least the girls maintain some decorum while dancing and cease their footwork.
Marriages they say are made in heaven but Indian Weddings are the way to go.!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gastronomic Disaster of DTU. x-(

Never before had I been in a relationship with a toilet and trust me it is not very pleasant. Welcome to the DTU Girl's Hostel, Home to the homeless junk and the place to dispose off your kitchen garbage.
Despite the many attempts to mask the oh-so-tempting odour emanating from the food, we have as of yet succeeded in only annoying the mess staff who insist on calling us "shishter" in that weirdly annoying, condescending tone of theirs.
And to satisfy our hunger, we are offered ultra watery Dal, dry vegetables with potato as their ring leader and murky, stinky sweet-dish which tastes like rubber once it starts getting cold.We wonder where they get their ration from.The land of the rotting Rations..??
Not only have they managed to scare away good food, they have also succeeded in giving much more business to the roadside eateries that plague the university and the humble mech canteen. So now I not only remember the menu of the canteen but also have become proficient in giving advice to the many hunger struck girls.! Ha!!
As for the mess menu is concerned, I am least bothered by the trash they serve us, when they use crappy stuff as they do, every other food item causes the girls to rush into the toilet and spend their time admiring the yellowing walls in the fading light.
For weight watchers like me, this has become an easy excuse to ditch food and not get scoldings from people around me. A diet on the go..!
Go DTU mess!! and help me drop off those pounds..!!!
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